1. mchruss03's Avatar
    Wanted to see if anybody else is having this problem with the application Trapster. I personally use a Escort Passport 9500xi that works wonderfully in my vehicle but thought i would install this application to see how it is.

    I installed it two days at night. I noticed that throughout the following day that my memory was lower then normal. I used MeterBerry to see and it just had a constant drop in memory. On my Storm 2 I usually hover around the 100MB available memory, not dropping below 95 and no higher then 104 sometimes. I noticed though that after I installed Trapster that my memory at one point got as low as 83MB. I checked to make sure I had nothing running in the background that would cause that and I only had the normal Blackberry programs (phone, browser, BBM, Home...along with SmrtGuard is the only other app that is constantly running in the background that is a 3rd party app).

    After I uninstalled Trapster last night my memory jumped from 83 back up to 104. It is now hovering again around 98MB at the moment. Trapster is the only thing that I installed recently around that time that would have caused that memory drop that I can think of. I'm not sure why because I never even used the application on the road, just ran it after I installed to see what it was like and that was the only time. After that I closed it and started seeing a larger then normal memory drop.

    Maybe it was just my Blackberry but everything seems to be back to normal now after the uninstall. Anybody else have a problem similar with Trapster?

    03-25-10 05:37 PM
  2. davidnc's Avatar
    I have an 8330 curve and also use trapster have been since December 2009,I have not notice any big changes in my memory useage of free files.I dont run it except when on the road from my phone so turn it off and on about 6 times a day everyday since I installed it .
    04-01-10 04:59 AM
  3. greyhd's Avatar
    Turn off the app by hitting the BB button and choose exit. If you don't it will keep running in the background and will cause your battery to drain faster.
    04-01-10 11:26 AM