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    I have an app for my Motorola Droid called Traffic Buddy. It allows you to bring up all the webcams in the country and view them on your phone. This is great for local webcams during the winter when it snows. Is there anything available like this for Blackberry? My father has a Storm 2 and was looking for a similar app. I searched around here and couldn't find any traffic cam apps. I did download Google Maps and activated the traffic layer. That works well, but viewing a cam would be even better. I also tried going to mobiletraffic.com/wap per a user's suggestions on this site, but I am getting a fatal error. And that site also doesn't have webcams in Pennsylvania.

    Thanks in advance!
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    03-22-10 03:23 PM
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    I don't think there is anything for BlackBerry as I looked most of the night and came up with nothing.

    Thanks anyway
    03-23-10 01:35 PM