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    I am looking for a free Mileage Tracker. I would like it to be free but If I have to pay a little I will. Thanks in advance

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    01-14-09 08:36 PM
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    Hi, if you take a look at inForm, we've got a really good tracker example built into it. Of course it is more than just a tracker, you can build virtually anything you need with the product.....here is some detail on the mileage tracker.

    Here are some screenshots:

    1. Record Entry Screen 1 (Top): Here you can enter your mileage. The form is smart enough to remember your Last ODO reading so that you don't have to bother entering it again! Once you've entered your new mileage while at the gas station and entered the amount of money you spent on your gas, you hit the Calculate Button.

    2. Record Entry Screen 2 (Bottom): The form then automatically calculates your mileage! you can track how you paid for the gas.

    3. Now, after a couple fill-ups, you can figure out your running total spent on gas, your fuel economy, your total distance travelled, and so on:

    If you want to try this example out, all you need to do is load the attached .mff file into the inForm PC editor (download from skysoftsystems.com) and then load it onto your BlackBerry. From there everything should work. Give it a try and let us know if you have any questions! (Rename the attached .txt file to .mff so that the editor can read it...not allowed to post .mff files to this forum)

    Also, we're always open for new suggestions for new examples, and plan to post one every week, so let us know if you have something you're looking for. Some of the other members of this forum have been looking for a weight watcher calculator so we're going to do that one next.

    01-15-09 11:10 PM