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    I am running on my Verizon Tour. My problem is it seems to be having problems connecting to the app store or getting apps. For instance I have tried to get the Myspace app both through the app store and OTA (email) it says it is installed but is no where to be found and it is not hidden. I attempted to installed the new Tivo app shown on the blog yesterday and it only says "starting download" for like 3 hours. Before that it would tell me unable to download this app. I have done battery pulls, I have removed BB app world. I am attempting to re download the BB app world but the browser just says waiting until I get a server connection error. Then even if I do get BB app world downloaded the Tivo app is already there trying to "start download" on and on and on. Anyone know what is going on with my Tour or how to fix it?

    09-30-09 12:18 PM