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    OK, I am about to give up. I have a Tour that is almost out of memory, but I cannot figure out why.

    Here is what I am seeing. I have System Dash installed, but i have tried off and on other utilities and see the same info from these utilities. When I look at the 256 MB of Flash, it breaks it down as follows:

    Apps - 57 MB
    Data - No Value
    Objects - 21 MB
    RAM - 25 MB
    Transient - 5 MB

    OTHER - 137 MB

    It is this other that I cannot make sense of.
    My BB Tour lists only 3.9 MB of free application space. I have a total of 1915.7 kb across all my message/calendar databases.

    My apps:
    Berry Buzz
    Berry Weather
    runtastic (for fitness measuring)
    System Dash

    App World
    BB Maps
    BB Traffic
    BB Facebook
    Memo Pad

    What could be in that 137 MB and how can I get it freed up. I know BB cannot run all apps, but even if I remove them all, I have a huge black hole it seems. Any help is appreciated.

    I'm on VZ, running OS (official).
    08-24-11 12:52 PM