1. deloreancowboy's Avatar
    Hey guys. I have been getting an error 10001 whenever going to touch.facebook.com from both my Torch 9810 and 9800. I originally thought the issue was with AT&T but I had someone with an AT&T iPhone go on the site and it worked with no issues. Does anyone know what could be causing the issue or how to fix it?
    02-19-12 04:26 PM
  2. Arshaad's Avatar
    I got exactly the same problem! Sometimes it works perfectly, sometimes the site works but I cannot select the "status" bar and sometimes I get the error code. It's really frustrating because on the moments I need it, it doesn't work :s
    I have a Bold 9780, T-Mobile Netherlands.

    02-20-12 12:15 PM
  3. deloreancowboy's Avatar
    It's getting really annoying. For me it only started about a month ago. I used the touch site more than the app or mobile site. This is really getting on my and my bf's nerves.
    02-20-12 02:07 PM