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    The excitement over the newly released BlackBerrys is inspiring many people from other platforms to give BlackBerry a try. One of the traditional gripes against BlackBerry is the relative lacking of apps as compared to Apple and Android.

    Let's give our newcomers a headstart and point them in the direction of our favorite apps by listing your top twenty Third Party apps (with a brief description of each) that you don't think you could live without or are just your favorites in general.

    I'll start with mine in alphabetical order:

    AppStore (The Crackberry Version)
    BeAlert (Let's you know what programs are running in the background)
    BeBuzz (Customize alerts)
    BerryReader (RSS Reader)
    BerryWeather (Best weather app bar none)
    CardStar (Allows you to put rewards cards on your phone)
    DataVault (Great for storing passwords and private inforamtion)
    Facebook (Social Networking)
    LiveProfile (Cross platform messenger)
    Movela Netflix Queue Manager
    OurGroceries (Cross platform list manager to share grocery lists and other lists)
    QuickPull (Simulates a battery pull without having to physically remove the battery)
    Poynt (Great program to find local venues, businesses, entertainment, etc.)
    QuickLaunch (Shortcuts to apps via convenience key)
    RepliGo Reader (PDF Reader)
    ScanLife (Barcode Reader)
    ScoreMobile (Keeps you up to date with news and scores from many sports)
    ThinkOfMe (Notifies of important dates)
    UberSocial (Twitter app)
    Zillow (Give data on homes in the immediate area including prices)

    Welcome to all the newcomers, I hope you enjoy your BlackBerry experience!
    08-18-11 03:35 PM