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    I just wanted to share my top 20 apps (actually almost 30), and c u what were yours. Those listed work in europe (belgium), apps working only in north america (poynt, slacker, pandora...) are unfortunately not listed...

    1. Viigo (Rss feed)
    2. Blight (in the dark)
    3. WeatherBug elite (for the temperature indicator on the home screen)
    4. Mobile data alerter (to check if I m not exeeding my limited data plan)
    5. Google mobile app (...)
    6. Google maps (...)
    7. Gmail (...)
    8. Garmin mobile (voice on turn GPS direction)
    9. Stitcher (Great smart radio app)
    10. easybartender (the my bar option is great to figure out what to make with what you have)
    11. BBtran (best translator)
    12. MAngo (if u like manga)
    13. Time mobile (if u read time)
    14. Crackberry store app
    15. blackberry app world
    16. oprea mini (when BB browser is not enough)
    17. worldmate live (when travelling together with viigo for flights)
    18. Vision for youtube (...)
    19. Google talk (...)
    20. Quicklaunch (mandatory for BB addicts)

    21. Novita translator (so I don't need to buy BBtran pro for emails)
    22. Maratick (actually this would be seeded number 2 since I use it a lot for groceries, recipes etc...)
    23. Radguard (if you want to know if you are getting cancer while carrying your BB)
    24. Bepopup (quick glance at ur email bfore opening the mailbox)
    25. Repligo reader (good pdf viewer)
    26. Documents to go (if ur working sometimes withouth a pc)
    27. flag you emails (to mark important message on the BB)
    28. Forward reply and edit (...)
    29. Addto (to add email in calendar or tasks, usefull for meeting n stuff)
    09-11-09 08:07 AM
  2. Jancy10's Avatar
    Nice list...I think I agree with it!
    09-11-09 08:20 AM
  3. nehajas's Avatar
    good work.. quite useful..
    09-11-09 08:31 AM
  4. tbristol's Avatar
    Expanding to more European markets shortly. Stay tuned...
    09-11-09 11:53 PM
  5. fnguyen's Avatar
    Great news! Can't wait
    09-12-09 04:52 AM