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    * A tongue twister is a phrase, sentence or rhyme that presents difficulties when spoken because it contains similar sounds.
    * To get the full effect of a tongue twister you should try to repeat it several times, as quickly as possible, without stumbling or mispronouncing.

    * Tongue twisters have long been a popular form of wordplay.

    * The collection of funny tongue twisters presented here, however, is purely for entertainment, and consists of many old favorites as well as some new ones - try to tackle tricksy tongue twisters today!
    * This application contains more than 100 twisters.
    * Just one click & the next twister is on the screen.


    * Attractive User Interface & easy to use!!
    * 100+ twisters are included in the application.
    * One click to view the next twister.
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    05-23-10 11:37 PM