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    I hope this is the right spot for this..

    Get Tim Hortons locations through GPS
    With the click of a button, TimmyMeTM leads you to the nearest Tim Hortons location from wherever you are in North America. It uses the built-in GPS function on your iPhone using a Wi-Fi or cellular network connection to display the closest Tim Hortons locations and how to get there.

    TimmyMe is a free download and available through the iTunes App Store and Blackberry App Store. Or Just click on the link below to download it now or use your mobile device to download it directly from the store.


    What features does TimmyMe offer?
    TimmyMe provides you with a list of the ten nearest Tim Hortons locations in relation to your current geographic position with a link to a map to get route information. Users can also see which locations have a Drive Thru and accept the Quickpay Tim Card®. You can also search for locations by address, city or postal code and can change whether the distance of the nearest store displays in kilometers or miles. Lastly, a handy Notepad is available to store your coffee orders.

    * In order to install Tim Hortons TimmyMe on your Blackberry, you must have blackberry maps installed.
    What models of Blackberry does TimmyMe work on?
    TimmyMe is built to operate, at a minimum, on all models of Blackberry that run OS 4.5 or greater and have GPS Navigation. Some functionality might not work as intended with some models due to the touch interface.
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    Haha I like it, however where I live there's one around every corner, so don't really need an app for it.
    I would install if I travel somewhere though.

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    Thats what I was thinkin too We play softball & are all over Ontario for tournaments.

    Those 8am games we play This could REALLY help. Now if i can find a beer store app much the same We would be set. LOL
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    I can't get the locations to show up within the app, i've confirmed that my gps has been turned on and tried restarting the phone. Anyone else have these problems?

    Z10 owner
    02-12-13 08:47 AM