1. BBSteveR's Avatar
    I have a small business that needs to be able to track time for billing. I have a Blackberry, and my Son has an Android. I would like to find a single time-tracking app that has versions for both phones, that has a web-based component that would allow us to merge and manage our time entries from a computer (we both do work for the same group of clients, so we overlap quite a bit on that), but does NOT require that you have an active internet connection on the phone to be able to make entries (we often do work at a client's locations that is out in the sticks, and has no service for the phones).
    Does anyone know of an app like that? I don't mind paying for something, if it is going to meet these needs!
    04-11-11 08:20 PM
  2. josh_timemerlin's Avatar
    In the past, we have provided customized app for some clients that worked in offline mode, and pushed data out when phone reconnected. I am sure something like that could work for you. How many users would you have?
    04-15-11 01:37 PM
  3. kurrado's Avatar
    I read an article of some android mobile that has a time tracking and develop an application that can be use even offline and also withe out internet. I'm not affiliate with this software just try to visit this link this might help you this time tracking software called RescueTime it can monitor which application, document and website is actively being used. It also can track internet usage and in which website a person spend time most. I hope this can help solve your problem.
    09-01-11 11:47 PM
  4. genedoctor's Avatar
    Don't know about Android, but for BB I've been using a little gem called 'timeme' by scuplted pixels. I use the 'timeme LITE' app, I think it was $4 or $5. no troubles, tracks multiple projects, the reports are a bit overly complex but have a good summary. I didn't expect much, but it works well for what I'm doing these days. There's a higher-priced version, don't know what's better about it.
    09-14-11 10:07 PM
  5. timesheet's Avatar
    The time tracking tool that we use from Replicon Inc - project tracking software is available on most major mobile platforms, such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Samsung, etc. We have been using it for years and as far as our experience is considered, its the best tool for time tracking, project billing and tracking, cost tracking, etc.
    07-06-12 05:07 PM