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    Got some work in a larger Doctors office, and the doctors want to use text messaging, but know that it is a HIPAA issue.

    They are looking at getting a large expensive BYOD system, but the cost is high and it is too complicated for them and they are really focused on texting since most of them use BB, but they also use iPads and want something that will work on both.

    I found Tigertext, which is HIPAA compliant texting app, that like BB is on it's own network and features an automatic text messages deletion after XX period of time. Similar to BB, but it can work across platform which BB can't.

    I looked on their website, and some big hospitals are using them.

    Has anyone any experience with Tigertext?


    It looks like they have a BB version of the app, but which OS will it work on?
    08-10-12 10:52 AM
  2. Branta's Avatar
    You will find device and OS compatibility info at App World
    08-10-12 09:11 PM