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    So I downloaded and successfully installed the ECOE app from ticketmaster.com (via visiting ticketmaster.com from my blackberry browser).

    Now that it's installed, I enabled wi-fi and disable mobile connection:
    When I visit ticketmaster.com now from the browser I am automatically brought to the Blackberry site of the ticketmaster.com HTML site, this is because the app installed. - This is expected, and fine. - But what I find interesting is that it's not a separate app. Its essentially run inside of the browser, which I guess enables them (ticketmaster and black berry) to tighten security and disable features? NOT SO NICE!

    I want to usewi-fi with mobile turned off (and it appears either I am able to, or it uses the mobile connection????), but I noticed that in the upper right hand corner of my 8500 curve (os 5) I dont see the wifi logo. Rather a LOCKED symbol regardless of if wifi is off or on...

    My ultimate goal is I want to packet trace or wi fi packet sniff the communication over my wireless router so I can figure out the web address or IP address of communication on the ticketmaster server side.

    Let me know! Thanks!
    06-30-10 04:44 PM