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    Is it worth the upgrade from the previous version? I'd love to hear from actual users who went from the old version to the latest 5.0. What are the major differences and do you like them/not like them and why.

    12-30-09 10:32 AM
  2. tsells's Avatar
    It's a fantastic upgrade. Better looking than before, more functional calendar, better contacts, more viewing options, and weather add-on icon is now functional. It is worth the money!
    Check out this thread as well:

    EDIT: I just noticed that it is the "deal-of-the-day" today at 50% off!
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    12-30-09 11:19 AM
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    I'd love to get a half off on the upgrade of 21.95 as well!

    Thanks for your input. How does it change how you use it as opposed to the prior version? That's what I am trying to figure out.

    Anybody else?
    12-30-09 01:01 PM
  4. tsells's Avatar
    If you just buy the app today it costs $15.

    The calendar is much improved with daily, weekly, and monthly views at one-click away as well as setting up new appointments. The contacts are easier to scroll and there is a much easier way to look up a particular contact. You can delete missed calls, e-mails, and SMS directly from the E-mobile page. The look of the page is more configurable, as you can choose the order of all items and the font size.

    It's still the same app but it is much better.
    12-30-09 01:54 PM
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    Ok, I went ahead and just bought the new version outright and while it does look very nice and there are some nice added features.........what the heck is wrong with the SMS feature? I can't get it to reset after clearing my SMS messages on the native app. There used to be a feature where you'd hit the menu key and the option to "refresh" would come up, setting the number of SMS messages back to 0 if they had already been cleared. Now it makes me go thru the emobile main page SMS function, one message at a time........even though they are all now blank.........in order to get the readout to reset back to 0. Highly annoying.
    12-31-09 01:33 PM
  6. kkwus74's Avatar
    how do you set shortcut keys for 3rd party applications?
    12-31-09 01:35 PM
  7. kkwus74's Avatar
    i really wished they had the option to add 3rd party applications on the screen .etc beejive,bbm etc.......that would make this perfect
    12-31-09 01:37 PM
  8. LeeJuly4's Avatar
    You hit the menu key and it brings up options including Switch Application.

    Then a bunch of your apps show up. You highlight the one you want and hit the menu key again and it allows you to setup a hotkey for that app. Not all apps are included in this, though.

    I did find a work around for those apps that are NOT included on the apps list within the e-mobile app: I have quick launch and I assigned an emobile hot key to that and then from there I can access one of my other 3rd party apps. In this case it was Facebook. However, there ARE many 3rd party apps that are included in the "switch application" function on emobile.
    12-31-09 01:46 PM
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    thanks....the only problem i have with this is when i get a new message on beejive or bbm i wouldnt know.......it doesnt show up on the screen....(wish it did though.)
    12-31-09 01:50 PM
  10. mhw100's Avatar
    This app appears terrific in concept as a dashboard but a little weak on implementation. As the previous poster indicated it gives a quick snapshot to the user of missed calls, new emails etc but it misses other really important information most importantly phone messages and BBM. Plus there is a general lack of configurability to it.

    I don't see a major benefit to this app since essentially the same information is on the Home screen with Today enabled through a theme.
    06-02-10 11:03 AM