1. crakdup's Avatar
    Hello all.I'm a new Storm user. At first I didn't think I could use a BB efectively at work but now I love it. It really helps at work having access to my emails without revving up my laptop.I deal with a lot of legacy comm gear which utilizes dial up modems for access. I don't need to tether to my laptop ;I'd like to use the BB as a modem with a dumb terminal interface. Is there any software available for this?

    If this a truly dumba$$ question feel free to slag me.
    05-06-10 08:56 PM
  2. jeffmeden's Avatar
    Do you mean you want to use the BB as a serial terminal? I sure haven't heard of anything like that for the BB. Even apps like telnet/ssh are uncommon, there is one OK app but it's not free. Your question about email is interesting, why not just use a web mail front end from wherever your email is? This works well with the BB browser or Opera Mini, that's what I use for everything but the one account that I want to see in realtime, which is set up for push.
    05-06-10 09:37 PM