1. bonoz's Avatar
    1) What are some good places to get themes, ringtones, and apps for our phones?

    2) What themes, ringtones, and apps do you have on your phone?
    05-06-10 03:42 PM
  2. sandesh_vg's Avatar
    Checkout the downloads section on crackberry for ringtones. Check the theme section in the forums for themes and check app world and the crackberry superstore for themes and apps.

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    05-06-10 03:44 PM
  3. MissoulaMarinerFan's Avatar
    Themes: BB Dimension Today; BB Dimension Zen; and Precision Weather 5 Icon Bottom Dock by Pheonix Designs

    Apps: BerryWeather, FourSquare, Gmail, GoogleSync, NFL Mobile, Opera Mini 4.2, Pandora, Poynt, QuickPull, and ZonaSnap

    Ringtones: beverly hills cop theme, monday night football, zombie nation, sam and michelas theme from Transformers, stus song from the Hangover are just a few that I have
    05-06-10 05:01 PM
  4. MaestroDarius's Avatar
    Viigo! FourSquare, Bolt, Poynt, Facebook, HowCast, Twitter...

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    05-06-10 05:10 PM
  5. bonoz's Avatar
    What are some other good websites (besides crackberry) for free apps and themes?
    05-10-10 12:47 PM
  6. just_looking's Avatar
    I just got my first blackberry and didn't have the patience to wade through endless sites for ringtones. I just make my own at mytinyphone.com. It takes about two minutes to do and is very user friendly. For premades mabilo has a decent varied selection.
    05-12-10 10:17 AM