1. reaperg21's Avatar
    I was wondering if anyone has seen this, I know I've seen a theme that didn't have any apps on the start page. I remember the time, batt strength, reception bar were really small. Does anyone know where I can find this? I'd appreciate any help
    08-20-08 01:18 AM
  2. gs warrior 88's Avatar
    Yea, try the theme and wallpaper section
    08-20-08 02:24 AM
  3. reaperg21's Avatar
    Thanx gs, found it. Now that I've uploaded the theme it won't install. I can see it in my apps list but not in my theme options list. I have done this many times before but this is the first time it won't work. I uploaded it from my computer to my phone, then did a battery pull, loked in themes and it wasn't there. Am i doing something wrong? I have done this many times before, but this has never happened. Please help. Thank you in advance for any advice I recieve.
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    08-20-08 08:43 AM