1. jrod3055's Avatar
    hey all who are using the TetherBerry, sitting here and started to wonder about the following questions:

    1. Is the speed comparable to a regular tethering that you do with your provider? I used an aircard for a time and I was up to 1MB and this was inside a building that's constructed to withstand a Category 5 Hurricane.

    2. Any problems from your providers, i.e. large bills, termination of service?

    3. Would you recommend it to other BB users who are tired of the extra month cost?

    4. Any equipment failures from from either your laptop or BB phone when using this program?

    Thanks for reading and hopefully replying.
    03-20-09 09:06 AM
  2. crisd's Avatar
    1. I've been getting around 1Mbs in CT, sometimes higher. No hurricanes here so I couldn't help you there.

    2. Nothing looks different on my bill.(if you abuse the bandwith you will raise a flag with your carrier, even if you pay monthly for tethering)

    3. Yes

    4. No(the only thing I noticed is voice dialing doesn't work when I'm tethered)
    03-20-09 09:49 AM
  3. jrod3055's Avatar
    CRisd - thanks for your input. Anytime you want to experience a hurricance come on down. I pray we never again experience another 2004. I felt like I we had a bullseye target painted on us here in Orlando.
    03-20-09 10:24 AM