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    My advice if you want to be sure of back up and assistance is avoid Beiks for your BB utilities.

    I purchased keyboard locker, only $4 I know but its a matter of principle how bad the customer service is.

    In the first instance after purchasing an activation I was directed to a download that didn't exist. I emailed them and they were clearly aware of this as less than 24hrs it was there, up and running but no response to me.

    The keyboard locker worked ok but as a trial. Nowhere and nothing would allow me to input the activation key. I emailed support 4 times over the past week and did not receive any response at all. The keyboard locker also started slowing down its process, presumably as a trial version inhibitor.

    I checked back for updated versions. None.

    Eventually in complete frustration today I launched a paypal complaint and very quickly received a reply from BEIKS.

    The drift of that was a new version was out, try it. When I looked sure enough it has revisions published for the registration process!!!!!

    However the email I received also told me I would need to re purchase an activation key as my original was now cancelled. Paypal of course will not refund as the goods were delivered and they will not comment on the quality of goods and therefore will not refund.

    So due tot he direct deliberate positive actions of the company who sold it to me I am stuck with a demo version only of a utility and no redress.

    Beat that for appalling service

    btw. In case anyone doesnt believe me or Beiks are looking in, I'm not daft enough to post this without retaining copies of all emails and can produce them
    05-16-10 05:18 PM
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    Have to be fair about Beiks, they did reinstate my activation key after a few email exchanges. Interestingly during the exchanges they did indicate theyd had lots of email requests for product support hmmmmmm.

    HOWEVER............since Ive upgraded to v .656 the program doesn't work properly

    When you try to activate or deactivate it the screen freezes.

    A complete boot loader reset with it installed, same happened, repeated and missed it off the phone is working better than ever

    My only conclusion for this utility and it is only my opinion...........avoid.
    05-29-10 03:46 AM