06-12-10 08:15 PM
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  1. memphislawyer's Avatar
    I am curious about this as well. Downloaded vlingo free and well, it is limited to contacts THAT HAVE VLINGO. reader works well, but i want to reply to emails that i get when I drive and this VLINGO is not doing it.

    Also have the Curve 8330.

    Also, how do you delete Vlingo from the blackberry
    05-19-10 10:19 AM
  2. haliphax's Avatar
    Emailing should work just fine for contacts who do not have Vlingo--IIRC, it's only SMS that is restricted. As for deleting Vlingo, if deleting it from your home screen doesn't work, go to Setup > Applications and delete it from there.

    Found another "feature" of TellMe I don't appreciate: it doesn't close. Ever.

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    05-19-10 10:32 AM
  3. knabe189's Avatar
    So I had this app on my Storm and it worked great. Phone crashed and had to wipe it and now I can't seem to download TellMe anywhere. The tellme site doesn't seem to want to allow me to download it. I can't find it anywhere else. Anyone had any idea where I can get it again??? Thanks!
    06-12-10 08:15 PM
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