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    Currently on the great BlackBerry KeyOne rocking Android.

    Back in the days I used TodoMatrix. This was for me the right tool to get things done because is was able to go many levels deep. I had projects with tasks and sub-tasks and sub-sub-tasks ....

    The best replacement so far I found for Android is Checklist by mdiwebma.com

    Although Checklist is doing the job, it's a relative new program and some essential functionality is missing. I suggested some things to te developer, but it's likely a one-man-show and can't really rely on speedy upgrades.

    My question to you is what you think is the best TodoMatrix replacement?

    Projects with tasks and sub tasks 4 or 5 levels deep, where I can attached notes and other stuff on every level and reminders on every level and delicate on every level and...
    08-19-17 09:03 AM

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