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    I don't use Outlook through a company exchange server. Everything I do is web based. Have I lost it or are there no good task management apps that sync with a web app? I have used Toodledo, Producteev, Astrid but can't find one for BB. I currently sync Toodledo with Android and iOS but don't see an option for BB.

    05-05-12 01:19 PM
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    Remember The Milk is worth a look $20 bucks a year gets u the BB sync component with your native tasks app. Also wunderly is fairly new but is also cross platform, and free. Conqu is also a fairly new service but pricey in comparison for multi device sync. The don't have a BB app but they have a PB app. There is one that syncs with toodledo but can't remember right off the top of my head. Prepare to spend at least $20 for each of the apps that offer cross platform sync.

    *EDiT* TaskJot is the BB app that syncs with toodledo and will set you back $29.99 they do have a free trial so you can try before you buy. Hope it helps
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    Thanks Mike!

    What is concerning is with iOS and Android I have many free options, it seems with BB they are paid which makes cost of having a productive phone high.

    What do most people on BB use for a task management application that both is web based and syncs wirelessly to their BB? Are BB users actually paying a subscription fee to do this?

    05-05-12 02:33 PM
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    The native tasks app is great, and since I always have my phone with me, its a non issue.
    In the 5 years I have had a BB, I have used RTM, toodledo, and many others, none have given me a consistent experience. So far wunderlist is the best I've tried in terms of cross platform options. They have both a desktop client for pc and mac as well as android and ios. And its the only free option I've tried. In my case, I can't rely on the desktop client since I'm behind a proxy and the port it uses to sync is blocked. I haven't really tried the web client, so I can't offer much comment there.

    I have indeed paid for a task manager app, Viira, and it is also great as far as the deep integration it has with my phone, but it doesn't offer a web or desktop sync. You can always navigate to the mobile page of the task app you prefer and make bookmark on your phone.

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    05-05-12 03:02 PM
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    If you have a native way to sync it, try wise tasks (WiseTasks for BlackBerry | GTD for BlackBerry)
    Great task management with Geofencing for BB
    05-06-12 03:55 PM