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    So I recently purchased a 9360 as my first Blackberry. Had mucho fun with it so far, I wouldn't touch Android with a barge pole now lol! Anyhoo...

    I'm big on forums...and had previously heard about an app called Tapatalk. Which makes forums run a lot faster, and easier to navigate...which in truth is the case...at least on this forum anyway. Problem is...I don't really know how to work the app...or how I get it configured with the forums I am a member of. It just seemed to appear with this one...does anyone have any pointers they can send in my direction?

    The Devs of the app have been far from useful, I've yet to hear anything from them since I contacted them 3 days ago...maybe more actually...think I regret purchasing this app.

    Also wondered if anyone uses something similar to tapatalk that they could recommend??

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9360 using Tapatalk
    11-07-12 01:13 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Have you tried the CB forums app?
    People say it works for them but I have had no luck either.
    It opens and closes before I can type in my name and password. And tapatalk was working for me BEFORE I had to change my forum password. So don't ever change the password or you will be without a forums app like me. Only way to post now is on the web version which sux because it takes so long to load. All was fine before this mobile Nations passport crap started. So I guess no more mobile posting for me.

    If you find a cure for a bad Tapatalk app and a wacky CB forums app let me know.
    11-09-12 09:15 AM
  3. Xopher's Avatar
    The forum has to have the Tapatalk plugin installed on their server. If the forum you want to go to has the plugin, it will show up in the network list.

    If a form doesn't have the plugin installed, you can suggest they add Tapatalk support.
    11-09-12 11:27 AM
  4. jaydee5799's Avatar
    i gave up with Tapatalk and got the CB Forums app to work for Crackberry. That's all i wanted anyway. I hope the OP figures out the app so he can use it.

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9930 using CB Forums app
    11-09-12 05:55 PM

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