1. Str4ng3B3rrY's Avatar
    Hi to all, CB's users.
    I follow U since a few years, even if I don t post a lot.
    I m a BB user since 5 years and I love Tapatalk.
    You certainly better than me the support promise the push notifications 4 tapatalk since too much time, by now.
    I m a mod in a BB forum, in Italy and I propose my idea here, too.
    Why don t we create a request group (maybe with signatures) for Tapatalk Dev staff, to ask when they want to implement that feature on Tapa 4 bb smartphone and when can we access to that?
    Let me know If You share my idea and if we can do something..depends by how many we are, surely
    congratulations 4 ur work, as always
    01-13-13 03:55 PM

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