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    i would like to walk into my home or office, where i have my own wifi set up that my blackberry connects to automatically, and when i walk in i would like the blackberry to automatically sync specified folders on my computer hard-drive with the corresponding folder contents on the blackberry media card.

    is such seamless automatic sync over wifi possible? how would you achieve that? the files included are not just photos and music, but documents .

    ideally the sync woudl be two-way, with handling of merges and conflicts if say a document has been changed on both computer and blackberry.

    another version of the same aim is that sync does not only occur over wifi, but over 3G network as well (i have a good data plan).

    a) i know Roxio Media Sync can do photos etc but i have not checked whether it can work over wifi?and would it work for docs and merging etc?

    b) i noticed Blackberry Desktop Manager can work over Bluetooth but ideally i would not leave bluetooth on on my device all the time altho it is a possibility if you suggest how i could do files sync with Desktop Manager? is the "add-in modules are available for accessing third-party application data" relevant here?

    c) Documents To Go Desktop does document sync and conflicts, but over usb. if it were possible to connect to the blackberry device wirelessly and make a com port that programs like Document to Go Desktop could use as if it was connected over usb, then this solution becomes feasible?

    d) in the same vein, if an ad-hoc wireless connection or better a wireless file sharing of content on media card while it is in blackberry were possible, then sync might be achievable using advanced sync and merge programs like Araxis Merge or Vice Versa. blackberry file sharing or file server for that matter would have to allow edit rights.

    e) any other dedicated wifi apps there for this?

    any solutions on offer?
    04-03-10 12:48 PM