1. slaugli's Avatar
    My wife and I have been using Ascendo DataVault for over two years, and really like it. The only problem we had was synchronizing our two files. Synchronizing between a BlackBerry and one computer is easy, but we wanted to add a second computer to the mix.

    Ascendo suggested a solution using Dropbox. The solution works great for me, so I am passing it on. As a side note, Ascendo's support has been very fast and very responsive.

    First I created a Dropbox account on my wife's computer and moved the DataVault data file to the Dropbox directory (within Datavault, click File | Move Data File). I then installed Dropbox on my computer, and moved the DataVault data file from my computer to the Dropbox directory. Moving the file from her computer first was important, since I had the most up-to-date DataVault file, and therefore wanted my file to be moved to the Dropbox directory last, overwriting her file. I tested the installation both from home and from my company network. I entered a new test entry on my BlackBerry, synchronized with my computer and then closed DataVault. I then had my wife open DataVault on her computer, and the new test entry was there.

    I am using Ascendo DataVault 4.5.3, and we are both running Windows 7 (Enterprise on my computer, Professional on hers).

    With the Dropbox approach we both cannot edit the file at the same time, which is not a material limitation for us.
    04-30-10 12:23 PM
  2. CarFan's Avatar
    This is a wonderful post and suggestion. Thank you.

    I'm a Datavault customer also. In my case I would synch my Blackberry to my desktop via USB cord, then use a USb flash drive to manually update my laptop. Additionally I also have Datavault on my ipod itouch. I would wirelessly synch it with the laptop. From what I'm understanding Dropbox would make the whole operation seamless.

    I'm going to look into dropbox in a couple of days. thanks again
    05-25-10 11:12 PM