1. rw6497's Avatar
    what you guys think of swype for the storm? its pretty neat...

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    02-14-10 09:57 AM
  2. DenverRalphy's Avatar
    Swype looks intriguing.

    The demo's I've watched obviously has somebody who's been working with it a while so they're lightning quick with it. There was an awkward stage where I had to train myself (and become addicted) to touchscreens, so I'm sure it wouldn't be a big deal for me to re-train myself to Swype input. However I just can't help but get the impression that Swype will force the user to have to focus too much attention on the keyboard. With surepress I find it easy to be able to observe other points on the screen, as well as be aware of other things going on around me. Swype looks like it may require a bit of tunnel-vision to utilize.

    Definitely a thumbs up to the Cool Factor though. =D
    02-14-10 11:18 AM
  3. rw6497's Avatar
    ya right on everything you've written. real awkward learning stage is. no speed at all at first case your so fixated on following their blue trail.

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    02-14-10 12:03 PM
  4. rw6497's Avatar
    lol as you can tell, no auto period our auto cap so that sucks but lots of potential

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    02-14-10 12:05 PM
  5. OGreytQueen's Avatar
    I have friends using swype on their Droid and they love it, but not too much out there from people using it on a Storm 2.
    03-29-10 05:12 PM
  6. Simonintx's Avatar
    +1 on getting it for the Storm 2
    03-29-10 07:40 PM
  7. DenverRalphy's Avatar
    I've been using Swype for about a week now on my second device (which is not a BB device... sorry, not available for BB yet as far as I know), and figger'd I'd follow up on my previous statement.

    I must say, after all of maybe 15 minutes of training myself to use Swype, I became addicted. After a few days of use, Swype learned a majority (if not all) of my shorthand, contractions, and slang. I now enter text at an uncanny speed with Swype. I've compared my text input speeds against BB users who sport physical keyboards, and they are just shocked. After one week of use, I am still surprising myself at how quickly I am typing (well okay, technically not actually typing, but inputting text). Even the muscle memory training has overtaken my finger to the point I barely look at the keypad anymore.

    I've always been a staunch supporter of BB's Surepress/Truepress method of input on the Storm (especially with my large hands/fingers). Now... not so much. RIM would do well to drop Sure/Truepress in favor of newer ideas/technology.
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    05-09-10 07:24 PM