1. flanker_9's Avatar

    For those with touch screens, I am wondering if there is/are any plans to develop a third party app that would allow horizontal swipes across an item to bring up the same menu as when you press and hold the bb key?

    For example, swiping left to right on an email or text would ask if you want to delete. Swiping across a contact would bring up the dial, text, pin menu.. etc.

    This would be roughly similar to some functionality that is built-in to android os.

    Also, when dragging down from the top of the screen it would be great if it would bring up the manage connections screen (a la playbook and android).

    Anyway, just some thoughts for app development.
    02-11-12 03:31 PM
  2. pappcam's Avatar
    On OS7 on my 9900 I just momentarily hold my finger on an email, contact, etc. and a menu pops up with whatever options are applicable to that item. Touching the top status bar also brings up the manage connections menu.
    02-12-12 01:29 PM
  3. flanker_9's Avatar
    Thanks for your post. You're right about holding down on the screen. As for the status bar, if you're inside an app (ex: text massage) and you tap the status bar nothing happens.

    02-12-12 02:26 PM
  4. xtremesniper's Avatar
    There is a feature similar to this in BeReader for the purposes of marking items as read. If RIM implements the same feature but for deleting in the messages, it would be the perfect implementation. It's a great idea and I think it's bound to come down the pipeline.
    02-12-12 05:24 PM