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    If RIM's customers in India are so "rich," then why do most people in India use BlackBerry for BBM, to avoid paying the charges for individual text messages??? I don't know how you figure that American BlackBerry users are "the poorest of the lot."
    Could be wrong but I think his statement is Tongue-in-cheek
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    03-07-12 03:59 PM
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    "... The current program for free apps to U.S. only users is one of the biggest blunders in RIM history. A Canadian company ignoring its Canadian users is a bitter pill .."

    Yep !!

    " . . .When we got a new boss at the helm of the RIM ship I thought we had an end to stupid moves by RIM..."
    Upper management for large majority of corp. tend to loose touch with the real world ! Sadly "New" bosses tend to be mentored by the 'retired' so simliar rhetoric just diff. talking head !

    btw, "... about buying a prepaid US carrier SIM."
    Not "free" apps any longer !!?

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    I agree. RIM did not take into consideration that the Internet is available to ALL of their markets. To exclude other countries is insulting your customers and causing them to feel negative emotions regarding a positive gesture.

    P.S. That whole India comment is just another IGNORANT comment to add to America's poor record.
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    We don't need numerous threads on this.
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