1. nchesh's Avatar
    Hi I am really struggling with eoffice, especially with reading pdf files.

    I have installed the software onto my Bold 9700 and it seems to have installed correctly, however when I try to read a pdf file using view all I am told i need to convert the file using the desktop programme. I then installed viewall converter which failed because it couldn't find the correct printer driver??? I installed the eoffice desktop program which links to the wireless server but cannot see my device when it is connecte to my PC. When I use efile on my phone and look at the network folder it cannot see any files I have transferred to the wireless server using the desktop program. I am confused. I cannot drag and drop files because I cannot see my device, I cannot convert pdf files because the view all software will not install and I cannot see the server files on my phone that I have transferred via my PC.


    At the moment I am regretting buying this software.

    11-22-10 04:40 AM