1. nygjay's Avatar
    I'm searching around and maybe its here on this site I just haven't found the answer I'm looking for.. But what I'm trying to do is have a site so I can back up my music, but at the same time access my music from my BB and stream it all without taking up space on my memory card....

    I have a service called DropBox which WILL stream music.. However the problem I'm running into is that it will only play one song and I am constantly having to manual go to the next track....

    Is there an app that I can put on my 8530 so I can not only stream, but the app will automatically go to the next track.. It doesn't have to shuffle, just go to the next track on its own....something similiar to Dropbox, and online backup FREE site??

    Unless there's something in DropBox that I'm missing. It works great except for that one thing.
    10-26-10 05:12 PM