1. wperry66's Avatar
    I've seen this question elsewhere in the forums, but none of the supplied answers seem to apply to my particular problem.

    I got my Verizon Wireless Storm about a week ago. After getting the service set up everything seemed to be working just fine. I had AIM, Google Talk, and Blackberry Messenger running at all times.This morning I decided to download my first paid app from Crackberry, being the Quicklaunch app. [I'm not sure if it is directly related to my problem, but I do find it strange that once I installed Quicklaunch, my AIM app stopped working altogether.] It would open, but would give me a sign on error every time. I decided to try another route, so I uninstalled both Quicklaunch and AIM. Now when I try to download AIM again, I get:

    "Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support AOL Instant Messenger from Blackberry"

    I know this has to be BS, since I've been using the AIM app just fine for the past week. [Like I said, I'm not sure if the Quicklaunch app had anything to do with it, but it just seemed coincidental that all the problems started just after installing.] The Google talk and Blackberry messenger apps are both still running just fine. I would really like to have my AIM back, so any help you could give would be much appreciated.

    I've tried installing from the apps menu, blackberry.com/aim, and blackberry.com/instantmessaging.

    I've also had my Service books resent, not sure if that helps.

    Thanks again.
    02-28-09 01:05 PM
  2. ppeoucb's Avatar
    Yea I have the same problem.
    02-28-09 01:43 PM