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    So in order to install a GPS tracking app like SimpleTrax (picked that one because it's free) on my employees' phones what would I do? Also is there a way for them to turn it off or know when they're being watched by the office? There's no real point if a delivery driver knows when we're looking or can turn it off. I'd like to simply be able to "pop in" on them and make sure they're either on the way to a patient's home or there when they say they are.

    Any advice? All these phones are on my account and I have access to use any of them at any time so I can load the software. I''m thinking of not even telling them they're being tracked.

    What are y'all's suggestions?
    05-27-10 06:48 PM
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    First one would be to not let them read crackberry.com and your post! Lol

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    05-27-10 06:53 PM
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    Two - only hire people you trust.
    Three - in the alternative, trust the people you hire.
    05-27-10 08:45 PM
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    Easier said than done when you get larger. When there are one or two people it's easy. At some point though you don't even know the people working for you. I used to let them use their computers for anything and everything until I started getting odd charges on my credit cards and found that there were viruses with keystroke recorders on my computers from Lord knows where... now we have permissions set on the computers and everything runs smoothly. They have a computer off the network in the break room, and that thing blows up twice a week.

    Seriously, does anyone have any experience with these GPS tracker APPs?
    05-27-10 09:05 PM
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    Ok - in the interest of helpiong a BB user. Almost every carrier has an app to help you track your kids. Verizon does, but it is not free. Whether the drivers will be aware of the application I do not know. But that should not defeat the purpose - if the purpose is to keep your drivers doing what they're suppossed to be doing (staying on route). If your intention is other than that, there is likely no app to help you and no respectable person on this site either. However, there are plenty of closed minded degenerates who might step up to the plate.
    05-28-10 09:32 AM
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    There is a program that is made to track you're phone and do remote wipes if lost unfortunately I can't remember the name of it off the top of my head but you can put it on there I believe there is a free version of the program but I'm not sure what that includes, but you can tell them the program is just on there in case they lose there devices so no company information is lost.

    I found the program it's smrtguard
    Also that includes 30 days of full service (no payment info is needed)
    Remote tracking (I think this is what ya need)
    Audio Ping
    remote lock
    application lock
    remote listen
    personal guardian
    sim guardian
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    05-28-10 11:13 AM