1. pnico's Avatar
    is it me or do the games that I downloaded for my storm 2 dont run on the bold. 9650..
    well they do run but i cant control the on screen menuy with the trackpad??
    for instance, pba boiwling, saboteur, druglord wars..need for speed

    is that because they are designed for a touch screen?

    I got the bold yesterday.. like the phone..trying to decided between it and the s2..
    seems they are both pretty much the same thing honestly..
    06-09-10 10:26 AM
  2. GlitchZero's Avatar
    Yes, they are designed to be used with a capacitive screen. All Storm games have onscreen controls and menus, whereas Bold / Curve / Pearl games have controls Macro'd to whatever buttons / gestures / whatever.

    Not to mention the screen resolution is different.
    06-09-10 10:31 AM
  3. Accidental Post's Avatar
    Try turning off compatibility mode or turning it on depending on how they are set now. Then see post above if that doesn't work.
    06-09-10 11:05 AM