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    is there a way to stop bb os apps and/or 3rd party apps from always showing in the application switcher?

    The bb os apps are always there, as well as mobipocket reader. Live search for blackberry is in particular is starting to annoy me. it will always start up after a battery pull and assert itself into my app switcher. Live Search has no option to stop this either.

    Is there some permission i can edit/some app that can control what shows up in the app switcher? it seems like it should be a native function of the blackberry os to be able to control if and where apps will show up in the app switcher and in what order!
    04-11-09 03:10 PM
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    There is nothing to stop the apps from opening after a reboot short of removing them if they don't have an option. As for the BB native apps, there are five that you can never close if installed. They are BlackBerry Messenger, Browser, Home Screen, Messages and Phone. The only one of those that can be removed from startup is BBM by uninstalling it. Also make sure that you are closing out the apps after you are finished with them by either holding the back button or pressing the bb key and selecting close.

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