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    I tried searching but couldn't find anything. I have an app (Google Voice) that launches every time I start my Storm... I've looked in the settings of the app itself and can't seem to disable it. On my old Moto Q there was a "Start Up" folder that I could add or remove items from that I wanted launched on start up but can't seem to find anything like that on the Storm. Any ideas???

    I've seen this app - Start Me Up - Personal Productivity Blackberry Software

    It looks like it will allow you to add programs to be launched when you start your phone. Anyone use it or know if it can edit apps that launch on start up automatically?
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    11-03-09 10:44 AM
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    So there is no way to control which apps launch at startup with the BB OS? I'd also like to prevent minimal-use apps from slowing down my Tour's reboot time. I am surprised that it has been so hard to find information on this issue and even more so that there isn't a solution yet. I shouldn't have to delete an app to keep it from launching automatically every time I reboot the phone.
    01-31-10 01:35 AM
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    I haven't found a way to do this. The simple thing would be that if there is an option in the app for it, there ya go. But most apps don't seem to have the option to turn off the auto startup. What I was doing was when the phone started I would close the apps that auto started. However, that is by no means acceptable.
    01-31-10 12:17 PM
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    moving to 3rd party apps
    01-31-10 03:42 PM
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    What I found that worked for my case was signing out of the app. That made it stop launching every time I rebooted my phone. Give that a try. Hope this helps.
    02-01-10 11:46 AM