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    So I was running .246 until yesterday. I was using the old Storm version of the Starbucks Mobile Card app on my 9800 since it came out way before the official torch one.

    Yesterday I upgraded to the official .526. As I was going through my apps and re-configuring some settings, I noticed the Starbucks one acting weird. I remembered reading that an official 9800 one had become available, so I figured I'd go ahead and get it. I deleted the old one, downloaded the new one - and same problem.

    I tried to re-install the old Storm version and it's the same problem!

    Essentially the screen doesn't fill all the way (I get this weird blank bar at the bottom) and it freezes/lags when going between the barcode screen and the balance screen just showing "Talking to Network".

    Anybody else experience this issue? The screen dimensions is not a huge issue, but the app not functioning >50% of the time is not good. See attachments for I'm talking about - it happens in both Landscape and Portrait modes.

    EDIT: I guess you may not be able to tell but the bottom row of each screen capture is just a white bar, where it was never like this before. And yes, I have done the battery pulls and the OS seems to have settled in appropriately everywhere else.
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    04-18-11 02:17 AM
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    Before you downloade the new one did you reboot your bb? I mean battery pull
    Do that, it will help. If it doesn't it may be because the app is not support by your new bb.
    04-18-11 07:06 AM