1. backbeat's Avatar
    Any serious contenders for a true Runner's Log in the Blackberry world?

    What I'm looking for is a true app that is able to stand alone on the berry. Metrics such as workout comparisons (with selectable dates for comparison) as well as user-defined workouts (Sprints/Hills/Intervals/etc) that can be added (with corresponding comparative workout stat abilities). Also, I'm not interested in an app which demands that you strap your device onto your body to use its GPS feature. Just a solid, stand-alone log with metrics built-in is what I'm looking for.

    I've looked at BIM/BIMActive (Bones In Motion), but it simply acts as a client for a web-based service and doesn't serve a purpose when trying to make it stand alone that I could find.

    Preferably, I'm not fond of the 'All-Fitness/All-The-Time'-type apps that show you everything from how to perform a simple sit-up to what clothes to wear.

    After this much time to be able to develop a solid stand-alone app for all the runners who also carry Blackberrys, I'm quite surprised I'm finding this to be difficult to locate.

    Any and all suggestions are welcome!
    06-10-10 11:14 AM