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    Anyone know of an ssh client for the tour that has:
    - readable text on Tour screen, i.e. doesn't run the text off the screen if you increase the font
    - easy access to Ctrl, Esc, and arrow keys
    - just lets you just type input at the terminal
    - Enter key works as Enter
    - Ctrl lets you enter more than one character
    - $ doesn't close your ssh connection for some reason
    - Copy and paste at least from within the application, but preferably universal
    - does not use predictive text (because who wants their unix commands capitalized)
    - Does not mangle the scrollback on the screen with new output

    I would also like a pony.

    Here's what I've tried:
    - MidpSSH - free
    - Rove Mobile SSH - $29.99
    - PaderSync SSH - $29.99

    Or would someone be willing to write one? I wouldn't want to have to go back to my Palm Centro. Thanks.

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    03-26-10 03:49 PM
  2. Omnitech's Avatar
    Well I'm sorry I can't help you with your question.. ...but 1) since I am also going to need an SSH client and 2) since the BB ones are not exactly cheap, and lastly 3) it sounds like they aren't exactly perfect, can you give a quick summary of which of the ones you've tried have which problems you've described?

    I agree the things you describe sound annoying, particularly the predictive text thing, Enter-key/dollar sign issues, scrollback issues, etc.

    While on the subject - have you found a good VNC client? The ones I have heard of so far are VNC+ and Mocha VNC.

    (FWIW, I am also in the process of migrating from a Palm device [Treo 755p in my case], and have gained a new-found appreciation for some of the things that my "old fashioned" Treo does that are still superior to my fancypants BB Tour, or the Pre Plus I tried before that.)
    03-28-10 09:06 PM
  3. webmastir's Avatar
    Hang tight. New one (free) coming soon! It's called BBSSH. Midpssh source fixed + many new features...

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    03-28-10 10:58 PM