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    I no longer can sync from my Blackberry 8330 to the SplashMoney program on my laptop. I continually get this message: Sync Failed. Technical details: Unspecified error.

    It started Friday after a Best Buy mobile rep transferred my Blackberry phone to my wife's cellular number, then back to mine.

    I followed instructions from the Blackberry-related Sync troubleshooter for SplashMoney and could confirm everything except getting the USER name to match exactly on the SplashMoney laptop program and the Blackberry phone. According to Sprint reps, there is no USER name on a Blackberry phone. There is, however, a PIN. The PIN is similar to the USER name. The phone PIN is 30C99017, while the USER on the laptop SplashMoney is BlackBerry - 30C99017.

    Four months of financial data was lost on the laptop when I attempted a Handheld to Laptop Sync. The financial data remains on my phone. However, when I switch from All to Uncleared to do maintenance, the Balance changes by more than $30.

    Today, I uninstalled and reinstalled both SplashMoney and the BlackBerry desktop manager and that didn't fix anything.

    I talked to a Sprint technician today who said it's possible the SplashMoney application became corrupted when the Best Buy employee took the battery out of the phone while SplashMoney still was running.

    Also, I noticed after talking to the Sprint technician that the Best Buy employee had put the wrong date on my phone; she must still think it's 2009 because it said Saturday, Jan. 31, 2009.

    I corrected the date and tried to sync -- still not working.

    I just wondering if anyone has encountered this problem, or has any idea how to fix it.
    01-31-10 05:04 PM