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    This app will help you improve your English Speaking ability. It help you speaking English without thinking.
    There are 400 sentences with standard voice. Listen and practice these sentences everyday.
    You can organize your own list by marking favorite sentences.

    This medthod is called Crazy English, be found by a English Teacher name Li Yang. The key of this method is practicing a number of sentences that frequently use in daily life. Practicing these sentences day by day. With these sentences in mind, you can speaking English fluently, confidently and no need to learn vocabulary or grammar.
    This method has become very popular; it currently has approximately 20 million practitioners.

    This app need 10.4Mb of audio data. You can download data direct from the application or download manually follow this tutorial:
    We recommend you download data manually, it's faster and safer than in app download.

    *Hot key:
    -Enter: play current sentence
    -L: toggle favorite
    -N: play next sentence
    -P: play previous sentence
    -R: play current sentence three times

    Let's try it. We ensure that you can speak English in a very short time.

    Get the last version here

    Any feedback please sent to mekong89@gmail.com
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    Any comment for this app please post here, I will listen to you any make the update to make it better.
    This is my first app, hope it hope you.
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