1. s0w's Avatar
    i keep wonder, why its soooooooo HARD to get invite code.. i try many waysss to get one.. i even send email to their developer... still no feedback.. i request at their site with several email and STILL no feedback, if the application is good why don't publish it (not include android :P).. i really want to try the apps.. anyone from sosialscope dev want to answer my question?
    06-15-12 05:46 PM
  2. s0w's Avatar
    no its not imposibble.. well I have just received an invitation just now!! YEAY!! no one help me, i just GOOGLE it.. it takes me 2 days to get the so-private-close-beta Apps , well hit this post.. maybe i will kind enough to share it
    06-15-12 07:16 PM
  3. mtint's Avatar
    Matter of fact I am looking for some time (months) to get invitation for SocialScope, and ended with OP experience as well. Will appreciate a lot an invite or advice on how to get it
    06-16-12 12:14 AM