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    Hey all,

    I'm about to take the plunge into the world of smartphones, specifically Blackberry. Just have a few newbie type questions to ask specifically regarding the app BeeJiveIM. I'll bold the main points so people can skip the fluff if they want.

    One of the big features that has interested me with BeeJive is the ease of instant messaging on a variety of different IM Clients, since I use them a lot on my PC. After some searching I stumbled across Beejive and it looks to be exactly the kind of application I'd be interested in getting when I finally decide on my phone, etc. I have a few questions regarding it's functionality however; and hope someone can lend me a hand.

    First and foremost: I'm from Canada (Nova Scotia specifically) and only two providers here allow the use of AIM on their phones. The first one has poor coverage in my area (Rogers), and the second has horrible phone selection (Telus); which leaves me with Bell-Aliant. The issue here is that Aliant doesn't (as far as I can tell) allow the use of AIM on their phones. I happen to use AIM quite a lot, and it's one of the key features I'm looking at having on the go.

    Basically what I want to know is if the AIM aspect of BeeJive will function on an Aliant phone; even if that carrier blocks AIM? Sort of hoping BeeJive will be a neat little work around to this annoying problem.

    Secondly is: how complete is your buddy list when you access it through BeeJive? Does it include your buddies, bots, and mobile numbers that all appear on your list? The reason I ask is because I have several friends in the United States who I "text" through AIM (saves both of us money). They aren't on AIM Mobile with their phones; I've actually added their mobile number to my buddy list; and can text directly to their phone whenever I send a message. Is that possible with BeeJive?

    Basically being able to do that would effectively let me "text" these friends on the go. They'd even be able to reply any time without worrying about me being online, since BeeJive would be running all the time on my Blackberry.

    That leads me to my last question. None of the carriers here offer unlimited data; so I'm limited to three options (500MB, 1GB, 3GB). I'm planning on going with the 500MB to start with, but want to know how much BeeJive uses for data if it's running 24/7? I do quite a bit of IMing with various people; so I'd be using it fairly regularly (100-200 IMs a day is a lenient estimate). Should I be looking to go with 1GB, since I'll be doing general browsing as well? No video or radio streaming.

    Sorry for the lengthy post. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks a lot.
    01-01-10 10:03 AM
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    I've been using Beejive for Bold 9700 for 2 weeks now. Just updated to version 2.0.2 recently.

    - To answer your 2nd question, it does not use lots of data because you're basically sending & receiving text.

    - Not familiar with your first question on AIM with Aliant phone.

    This is the best IM client I've used. Have all of my Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, Facebook, etc. all in one screen is absolutely convenient. I recently upgraded Blackberry OS5 to .423, now the sound profile is saved. (There was a problem with .330 where everytime you reboot or closed Beejive, it wouldn't save your sounds)
    01-02-10 10:23 AM
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    Thanks a lot for your answers Keith; it's muchly appreciated.

    I actually found the answer to my first question after some heavy searching on Google.

    The only thing I'm left wondering now is if the AIM portion of BeeJive will work on a carrier that doesn't allow the use of AIM? Likely only Canadian users would know since AIM is universally supported in the States.
    01-02-10 12:55 PM
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    I'm not sure but I think so...
    Verizon didn't allow you to use the AIM app on blackberry til recently... They wanted you to use their version of AIM that charges IMs as Txts... On that note if you Imed internationally I would think that you would be charged for an international Txt.
    I downloaded Beejive during that time and it worked for me... I also Imed Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador and was never charged cus Beejive runs off of DATA.
    01-06-10 10:14 AM
  5. Drifter2000's Avatar
    Yeah, I got my Blackberry and tried everything out; and the AIM portion works totally fine. I can text my American friends through AIM on it no problem. This is a great little app as far as I can tell.

    Just watching how much I use it for the first billing cycle so I can get a rough idea on it's data use. Not an issue in areas with WiFi, but still something to watch if I want to keep it running for long periods of time.

    Thanks for the answers.
    01-07-10 10:05 AM
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    im looking for a liscense key for beejive version 2.0.2 can anyone help
    04-20-10 07:06 PM