1. anon(1563836)'s Avatar

    I have had my Curve since December. How did I get along without it?

    Now that I am feeling quite used to it and know my way around, I have a question.

    1. How do you keep things organized? Where do you put your grocery lists? If you want to have immunization records for your kids on your BB, where do you put them?

    I guess I want to know how you use your BB---not for play, not for music, not for the phone---but for what we used to call a PDA.

    2. Why does everyone love Viigo? How do you use it? It comes up frequently in favorite or must have apps lists. However, it didn't seem to do anything for me. I had it for a bit, tried to figure it out---and then deleted it!

    Thank you!
    05-21-09 06:20 PM