1. lilchoi26's Avatar
    When I reboot my BlackBerry with a Battery Pull, SocialScope is always listed in the Application Switcher. If I close SocialScope completely where it is not listed in the Application Switcher I am unable to edit my ringtones/alerts, I receive an error message that the application is running. Once I start SocialScope up again and leave it in the background, I can edit my ringtones/alerts like normal.

    Anyone else have this problem? Anyone know how to fix it?!? Very irritating!!
    07-14-09 09:40 PM
  2. CrispyCream's Avatar
    I've been having this same problem. Turning off your radio will allow you to change your alerts.
    07-17-09 07:28 PM
  3. ltrtiger's Avatar
    SocialScope? Are they still working on that thing? Seems like it's been a work in progress for....well....forever. After a bit I just didn't give a flip about it anymore. Ubertwitter does me just fine.
    07-17-09 11:06 PM