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    Finally ... I was able to finally remove from and/or revise facebook login info on social-scope, (but it was kinda long winded). I've searched by couldn't find a definitive way of removing or revising login info on social-scope, so I thought I share this. If a method was discovered and posted, I apologize for the repeat. Again, I hope this is useful.

    1st - Login into your facebook account on your computer,
    2nd - Go into "account", and "add new email" with a verified email address.
    3rd - Login into that email address and confirm it. (it should open new browser)
    4th - (you should see your new confirmed email address in your facebook "account" settings now). Now select the new email you just created and click on "Change contact email address", then type in your facebook password.
    5th - Check your social-scope app on your phone and you'll notice that facebook account was removed (you can re add it you want). And you're done. Hope this helps.

    Side Note: I notice that this might be a good way deactivate with facebook account with useless email.
    04-19-11 03:07 AM