1. casadour's Avatar
    Ok so...I have had Socialscope Lite for a few months and am having the following issue that I can not find any info on..

    -when I update my status with twitter and fb both checked it will post my status update to my fb page TWICE in a row. I tried to only check twitter, assuming that it will NOT post to fb at ALL...instead it posts to twitter then about 25 minutes later it posts to fb, even though I did check it to go to FB. Granted it only posts once this way, but its delayed and shouldnt be posting at all.
    I can not figure out how to get it to only post once to FB and its pissing everyone off that I keep "double posting"?
    ANY ideas?

    09-17-09 12:25 AM
  2. shirase's Avatar
    Well... You can setup a Twitter app within Facebook to have your tweets update your FB status.

    But there has been a delay lately. It used to be instantaneous, but there have been 30min - multiple hour delays.
    09-17-09 12:46 AM
  3. casadour's Avatar
    yup!! thats it!!! thank you! first time I ever posted...glad I did!
    09-17-09 01:31 AM