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    Ok well, you guys might think, "Why The **** is he saying BUT"..... Lol, well, don't get me wrong, SocialScope is the best app out there for me to manage my Twitter and Facebook accounts! . Its MUCH BETTER than HootSuite, HootSuite is just too slow!... But there's just ONE major drawback... It runs in the background! And I hate that, it uses up my memory and drain my battery power quickly... Maybe when it comes out of being a private beta the developers will fix this.. Well I hope!!... But anyway yeah ..... And please follow me on Twitter too.. I'm told I have great tweets, follow me @GuiltyRockStaaR

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    11-15-11 06:29 AM
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    Well, it runs in the back round in order to update your feeds at the user defined scheduled intervals.

    If you don't want it to run in the back round, simply log out of the application when you are done with it.
    It just will not update in the back round.
    11-15-11 07:05 AM
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    Yes, it runs in the background so you can get notifications in a timely fashion. It uses between 3 and 5 MB of RAM, and is usually using zero CPU unless actively updating. If setting your refresh frequency to Auto is eating up too much battery, set it to 1 hour, 2 hours, or even just Manual.

    Folks, you have to realize that just because an app's icon is resident in App Switcher does not mean it is always greedily sucking memory and power like a starving mynock. Socialscope is a connected app; it uses the device's radios to communicate with servers. Anything that uses the radio is going to suck more juice from your battery, like making a phone call or using GPS.

    Go into Options>Application Management and find the app in question. You can see how much it has been used, how much space it takes up, how much RAM and CPU it is currently using, etc... You might be surprised what's eating your battery, and what's not.

    11-15-11 07:08 AM
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    I may be off course but Social Scope is not even near to Ubersoc in terms of draining the battery. Which is why UberSoc is the fastest.

    I have tried putting 1 min for both Ubersoc and SocialS for testing manner still Uber Soc gets the update way faster than Socialsope.
    11-15-11 07:18 AM
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    I'm running SocialScope at the 30-minute refresh interval and there is no memory drain at all. Been running for 2 hours now and still sitting at -.3 MB, same as when I booted up this morning!
    11-15-11 07:18 AM
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    @MADBRADNYC well I'm lazy so logging out and logging in every time is too much effort coz I'm a heavy tweeter lol...

    @rrrebo well I would love to do that, but I don't think I can, I've got an 8520 :$ lol.... But thanks

    carrickfergus well, when I use it, I see how much memory I have before I start it... I normally have 105 MB.. Then like 2 hours later, its down to 98MB or around there...

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    11-15-11 07:25 AM
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    SnEro567: OS 5 is not great at memory management, and Socialscope can leak a bit. It performs much better on OS 7. However, by your own admission, you're a heavy tweeter, which means you're actively using Socialscope a lot. When being used heavily, especially with multiple accounts, Socialscope is a greedy, radio-heavy app. Like anything else, the more you use it, the more it drains your battery. I leave it running all day, but log out when I go to bed at night. This keeps it from updating and using more power, as well as keeping my BB quiet at night.
    11-15-11 07:38 AM
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    does anyone have a free invite, i have been trrying for ages to get in/
    11-15-11 07:40 AM
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    PLEASE stop turning every Socialscope thread into an invite request-fest! It's off-topic. There are dozens of other threads to ask for those.


    11-15-11 07:45 AM
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    rrrebo: Nice way rub it in lol =D.... OS5 SUCKS! Lol.. But yeah, I'll take your advice on logging out when I go to sleep ... So should I keep it or use UberSocial rather? What do you say?

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    11-15-11 07:47 AM
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    Yes people, please... Don't go off topic lol

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    11-15-11 07:48 AM
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    rrrebo: Nice way rub it in lol =D.... OS5 SUCKS! Lol.. But yeah, I'll take your advice on logging out when I go to sleep ... So should I keep it or use UberSocial rather? What do you say?

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    Sorry, didn't mean to rub it in. OS 5 doesn't suck. It's a good, clean OS. It's just not OS 7.

    I haven't tried Uber since it was Ubertwitter. I've been using Socialscope since OS 4.5 on my 8300, and I liked it better than Uber back then. It's always been a heavy app, but that's true of almost every social networking app that works as close to realtime as possible. I say use what works best for you, looks best to you, whichever one seems to fit your needs and usage patterns better. For me, it's always been Socialscope.

    For the record, I started on Twitterberry, tried Ubertwitter, tried Blackbird, got SocialScope, looked at TweetGenius, tried T4BB when it came out, and ALWAYS went back to Socialscope. Call me a fanboi, sycophant, cultist, or *****; whatever. My brand loyalty is to ME. Whatever works best for ME. As long as you don't give me a reason to leave, I'll stay. Burn me, though, and I'm gone.

    I also hate ads. Is Uber still ad-supported?

    **Really, filter? I can't call myself an ID-10-T?
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    11-15-11 08:22 AM
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    Haha, I guess I'll stay with SocialScope! :P ..... And there is an add-free version of Uber.... But you have to pay for it

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    11-15-11 08:52 AM