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    Can anyone help me with this?

    I recently signed my wifey up to 4sq so she could check in on SocialScope. Today I checked in and wifey said I'll do it too. So straight away 4sq found me via GPS and picked the right location. Wifeys however didn't it seemed to be going via Cell Tower.

    I said your GPS isn't on. So she handed me the phone I went to the GPS settings and I found it was on. So I refreshed the satellites and it found her within about 30 seconds and got the location right.

    Returning to SocialScope, I tried Check in and again it seem to go via Cell Tower and not GPS. I rebooted the phone and still the same.

    I cannot locate in any of the options anywhere to make the 4sq section go via GPS. Can anyone help with this?

    Thank you
    08-09-12 07:04 PM