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    As a relative newcomer to the BB world, I notice that many of you use Google Maps, Where, Poynt, VZ Navigator and BB Maps on your Tours (maybe some others as well). Does it serve a purpose to use more than one or two of these on a device? I currently have VZN, Poynt and BB Maps installed and I'm considering GM. I know I have found businesses in Poynt that are not listed in VZN, but I like VZN for its voice directions. I have not really used BB Maps. Should I also install GM and delete one of the others? Any advice would be appreciated. I'm basically looking for the best and leanest (memory-wise) combination. Thanks!
    08-01-09 08:19 AM
  2. Grafixx01#AC's Avatar
    It's a personal choice. But like you said, sometimes you won't find something in one over the other. You don't have to, honestly, and if you're happy with what's on the phone, I'd leave it.

    There are plenty of other things (apps / themes - when they come out) that you can get which will make you more happy than having ANOTHER navigation tool installed.

    Just my honest opinion.
    08-01-09 08:35 AM
  3. Xopher's Avatar
    Google Maps also has Lattitude built in, so if you are a social networking junkie who like to know where their friends are, then there is that aspect for GMaps.

    Programs like Poynt use BBMaps for their mapping. The new BBM5 uses BBMaps for location as well. So, native applications that rely on location information automatically point to BBMaps.

    Since neither of those do voice turn-by-turn, you have to go to a 3rd party to get that. There are plenty of options out there for this. They just won't have Lattitude, or become accessible to native apps. So, you usually end up with two or more mapping apps.
    08-01-09 09:03 AM
  4. boomhower1820's Avatar
    For navigation I use the Sprint Navigator. For veiwing maps I use BB Maps as Google Maps doesn't work worth a flip on the Tour.
    08-01-09 09:06 AM
  5. lastraid's Avatar
    I have tried both Where and Poynt. While I like the features of where better, poynt appears to find more things for me. I am still playing with both.

    Yes, there a lot of choices but you need to play with several and see which works best for you.
    08-01-09 09:11 AM
  6. mkurz12's Avatar
    I'm using VZ Nav because I like the voice directions as well. Other than that I use Google Maps (haven't had a problem with it on my Tour). BB Maps is loaded too but I don't use it.

    My GF's brother said he has a copy of Garmin Mobile that should work on my Tour but I haven't been to see him in a while so I haven't gotten it yet.
    I've seen it (maybe a different version) in action when he's used it and it's pretty nice. Ran VZ Nav on my Curve side by side with his Garmin Mobile on his HTC Tilt and I thought the maps on Garmin where 100 times better and the voice directions seemed a bit more accurate and timely. I am looking forward to giving it a try. Until then, VZ Nav has served me and my GF pretty well.

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    08-01-09 09:21 AM
  7. BlkBryAddict's Avatar
    I've got Where and Google Maps. Both are pretty good but Where has some extras that I like.
    08-01-09 09:24 AM
  8. alexmangano77's Avatar
    I have amAze installed on my tour. It is a great free nav app that has turn by turn voice directions. The only thing it doesnt do that VZN does is say the street name but for free, who cares? Heres a link...

    amAze - Free GPS Navigation for your mobile phone!
    08-01-09 09:43 AM
  9. anon(2254645)'s Avatar
    Thanks for all of your help. I think I'll stick with what I have. I like Poynt since it offers lookup for people, kind of like having a phone book on your BB, as well as businesses. VZ Navigator has worked pretty well for me, and I never really use BB Maps, but it seems like it's a core app, so I'll keep that as well. I'm not big on social networking, so I don't think G Maps will offer much more for me.
    08-01-09 10:00 AM
  10. brohunter's Avatar
    I really like the turn by turn voice directions that VZN offers, but I do not like the price. I do not use it everyday and wish there was an option to pay for a day of service instead of $9.99 every month.
    08-01-09 10:02 AM
  11. Aetius's Avatar
    I use what my network provides, Telus Navigator. I pay $10/month for it but it is far superior to what is offered for free. I assume it would be the equivalent of VZW Nav
    08-01-09 10:09 AM
  12. SConnick's Avatar
    I use Sprint Nav for actually getting somewhere, and BBMaps and Google Maps when I need a good traditional looking map.

    There are a slew of choices, though. I guess I have no excuse for wrong turns now.
    08-01-09 04:27 PM